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Standard User 468corp
(newbie) Sat 08-Jul-17 04:02:40
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SLWOO WOOTTON FTTC/P & FOD Now North Lincolnshire (B)

iI am on an exchange line yet the above information suggests I should be able to get fibre. It isn't available. I am about 400metres from the fibre enabled cabinet.

please expalin
Standard User MCM
(knowledge is power) Sat 08-Jul-17 09:37:15
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[re: 468corp] [link to this post]
Being on an Exchange Only line you are not connected to the exchange via a cabinet. FTTC is only available to those connected via an FTTC enabled cabinet. In due course BT may carry out what is referred to as a network rearrangement and re-route your connection via an FTTC enabled cabinet or perhaps provide an FTTP connection. Both are expensive and unlikely to be commercially viable and therefore require some form of subsidy or gap funding through a scheme such as BDUK.
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