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Standard User fishpan
(regular) Mon 17-Jul-17 16:27:54
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Many disconnections and errors and no real help from Sky

[link to this post]

Pls refer to the above post for a background to my case. Summary: Had no phone line and broadband for a while. Phone fixed. Then broadband supposedly fixed. Now every day there are several errors at certain times and several disconnections. I use a Billion 8800NL R1 which is pretty much brand new.

How the issue manifests:

MyDSLWebStats (Fishpan) shows massive SNR drops + CRC/ES errors
Line disconnects
Resyncs at a weird 52/10 setting (as opposed to usual 62/20)
Line disconnects
Resyncs at 62/20
Repeat for a few times
- in some cases there is no resync for around an hour, so the line remains dead

Issue has been going for about 2 weeks now and my MWDS shows reds and ambers everywhere. Up until 2 weeks ago, the line was running perfectly at 75/20 with G.INP enabled with minimal ES on US and no ES on DS.

Sky keep claiming line is fine when clearly several disconnections throughout day with downtimes of ~1 hour seen. Sky offered to send me a new modem which I don't think will work as I have already tested with a 8800NL R1 and a which both show the same intermittent issues.

Can anyone take a look at my MWDS stats and see what the cause could be? I only recently had a BTOR visit where the engineer said my pair quality from exchange to telegraph pole and also from pole to socket was fine. Faceplate was replaced with a new one as well. Can't think of any triggers to cause the SNR drops either.

Seem to have trouble with Sky not wanting to take ownership of the intermittent fault - everytime they run a line test it comes up fine. This is because the line has resynced by then to the usual 62/20 after I am on hold to their technical team.

Any ideas on how to proceed? Am worried about the inevitable banding etc. If I were to guess, I would say the initial fault (at the top of this post) was not fixed 100%. Thanks.

Sky Fibre Max 80/20 - sync 62500/19999 around 450m (G.INP disabled 08/06/17 due to line fault)
MyDSLWebStats: fishpan
Prev ISP Hx: Freeserve 48k > Wanadoo 56k > Tiscali 8mbps > TalkTalk 40/10 > Plusnet 80/20 > VM 200/20 > Plusnet 80/20

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