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Standard User pipcoo
(newbie) Sat 02-Sep-17 10:19:02
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Any Idea how long this might take ?

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I am connected to Omagh exchange cabinet 18 on a very long line.I have just checked on the OR site and this status is now showing "The cabinet that serves your premises is live, but your speeds aren't as fast as we'd like them to be. Your area has been reviewed and there is a plan to do further work to increase speeds via FTTP technology.

We follow a different design and build process for FTTP so you won't see updates at each stage. As soon as we have built the network and made services available, you will see an 'Accepting Orders' message. " This has changed recently as I check quite often.
My question is, does anyone know how long this might take ? Is there an average time for works to be completed or does it vary area by area ? Are we looking at weeks,months or (please,no) years ? Also , would OR,BT or others inform me when services are available or is it just a question of keep checking Openreach/ ISP sites to see when an order can be placed ? Thanks for any info. I got quite excited when I saw the status update but realise it will probably be a while before anything happens but at least something (might) be done in the future.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 02-Sep-17 12:05:35
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Re: Any Idea how long this might take ?

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Varies from postcode to postcode...

Might be weeks, probably months, but might be a year or more

Openreach don't inform you the service is available, retailers get updates so should if they want be in a position to contact customers but most don't and rely on your spotted the upgrade.

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