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Standard User Ignitionnet
(knowledge is power) Wed 27-Sep-17 23:42:22
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FTTPoD abroad

[link to this post]
Just thought some people would be interested in this:

The installation fee is, give or take, 1500-2300 GBP, after which the property owner pays the standard rates. There's no long contract, the network is open access and a service may be purchased from any ISP that uses Telenor's network.

Anyway, thought it'd be interesting to know that there are other places where FTTPoD is done, and interesting to note the differences in terms between that solution and the Openreach solution - it genuinely doesn't seem anything that special there, and I think the fibre is point to point which helps a ton too.
Standard User WWWombat
(knowledge is power) Thu 28-Sep-17 01:23:59
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Re: FTTPoD abroad

[re: Ignitionnet] [link to this post]
From the end of last year wink
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