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Standard User Toonshorty
(member) Sun 01-Oct-17 20:59:36
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VDSL2 Vectoring

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Have Openreach started rolling out vectoring on a wider scale?

We are around 380m from the cabinet as the crow flies, although the cable itself isn't much longer than that - maybe a fraction over 400m. Attenuation is 16.7dB and generally we used to sync at around 72Mbps give or take. Recently though I noticed we were getting the full 80Mbps so checked the line stats and noticed the attainable rate was 94Mbps.

94Mbps at 400m (16.7dB) seemed almighty impressive. I then noticed the vectoring flag was set to 1 (VECT_FULL).

Presumably Openreach have rolled out vectoring to our cabinet which is an AIO installed via BDUK SEP around 12 months ago. Not sure whether this is part of a wider rollout or whether the cab has just been targeted to try and extend the reach.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 01-Oct-17 21:49:39
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Re: VDSL2 Vectoring

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BDUK cabinets are generally the ones where vectoring is being used and its to extend the range i.e. lift a few more above the superfast threshold

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