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Standard User chrsb802
(newbie) Tue 17-Oct-17 18:42:13
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FTTC performance

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Hi all - i am engaged in a 3 month dialogue with my isp concerning poor FTTC performance. BT have accepted there have been line plant problems but i'm seeing drops to the router of upto 5 mins several times day. routers changed etc.

My ISP have sent me reports from BT's Yukon system that shows things like severely errored seconds and unavailable seconds. I undersstand how those are calculated i.e what they mean but although not as good as i would want for this circuit they do not reflect the actual performance.

I;m very famililar with data transmission standards but cant find any definitive statement from BT that describes the standards that indicate if a circuit is in spec at a given distance. Does anyone know of one?

Of course I have been assuming the problem is line plant but as the underlying ISP is Zen maybe its not line impairments at all.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 17-Oct-17 19:29:18
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Re: FTTC performance

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Issue may be nothing to do with line plant, but an external noise source, which is probably more often the case with the DSL based services.

If the line plant was falling over you'd expect total loss and not sustained periods with lots of error seconds.

As for definitive statement, the most definitive is that the service is a best efforts, and if after reasonable efforts faults cannot be resolved the option is given to cease service.

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