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Standard User Roksan
(newbie) Wed 25-Oct-17 19:55:55
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Outages Today

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I've had a couple of outages this last week in the early hours which I've put down to openreach work. But this afternoon internet was off for a couple of hours with brief periods where I has speeds of around 2 or so, though I was able to get my email normally throughout.

It was suggested by tech support it may possibly be my router (netgear 7400 - a month old) as my link to the exchange had held up. I do have another router which isnít brilliant but does work but itís in the loft and need another person to get it (a thinner person) who isnít here yet.

Half hour ago things returned to normal without intervention. Has anyone else had any issues & I recently replaced all cables in and around the router when I replaced it. When the web was off today the DSL connection to the modem seemed OK as the light was lit throughout. Does anyone else feel itís the router, Iím not knocking tech support BTW, but it seems odd that things are off (or partially) for two hours then all is fine?

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