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Standard User BUSHMAN
(newbie) Sun 29-Oct-17 05:05:03
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My two disabilities aluminium FTTC and my own messed up body

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As far as my own disability it been long standing and thats just life, that said the time I have and the internet has got me back in gaming which I confess was way back before game were even anywhere near the internet. Id take my kit and a group would take tires of winner stops on so get good...
Anyway I digress,
after having FTTC since it arrived at the bottom of the street 200yard ish Ive been complaining to bt about throughput issues and the lag on my games. After about five years of complaints an engineer lifted the underground cable covers to try and get a possible reason and then bringing the street plans up only to find that the water filled holes where the cables were are all aluminium lines which cant take the high frequencies of the 80/20 line. It all measures good but under load were time sensitive data is required it fails and then the dslam sets error correction via interleaved path which gets deeper as time goes on until the speed drops to a level and then Id get s engineer that resets it and says there no chance theyll change the cable so super fast internet is not for all as my system can not handle more than a small load or it just freezes or is very slow for more than one user.
On the base info for the line I get about 8-10 me ping and 70 down and 19 up but just a little use causes large spikes in latency randomly on up and down.
The speed test can make the latency over a second and regularly score E or F mainly on the up load but its on both.
I use my connection mainly to game first person shooters and this is causing me great problems.
With no hope for bt to get the lines done can anyone suggest anything.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 29-Oct-17 21:20:40
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Re: My two disabilities aluminium FTTC and my own messed up

[re: BUSHMAN] [link to this post]
Downgrading to a slower package might actually improve things for you, i.e. less errors etc

Generally though the DLM systems should have done that if the VDSL2 layer was the cause of all the issues you talk about

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