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Standard User atechie
(newbie) Tue 31-Oct-17 23:00:05
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Length of time from FTTP Cabling / Roping to order

[link to this post]

Stay in a relatively new build estate and the Openreach guys (and a 3rd party contractor were here a few weeks back and roped half of the street and from what i could tell installed a DP in one of the manholes (guys was there for 4 days splicing fibres.

How long typically from the infrastructure type work to being able to order?
Standard User PaulKirby
(knowledge is power) Wed 01-Nov-17 05:20:29
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Re: Length of time from FTTP Cabling / Roping to order

[re: atechie] [link to this post]
Could be a day, week, month or a year, we waited 5 years for ours to be turned on, but I think ours was forgotten or they changed their mind after it was all installed.

I say keep checking the Where and when page and the BT DSL Checker and once it becomes available on those then try and order.


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