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Standard User tdw42
(learned) Mon 06-Nov-17 21:17:17
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AIO cabinet DSL check availability and speed estimate errors

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How do Openreach arrive at speed estimates for new AIO cabs?

In particular Gunnerside (NEGND) cabinet 5 - it's been live for around a month and all the properties in the area (DL11 6LL / DL11 6LJ) show up with maximum clean download line rates in the low 30s, some properites 900m from the cabinet (DL11 6DZ) show up with a maximum in the low 60s and achieve mid 40s.

Also, this location which shows up as connected to cabinet 5 but no FTTC by address, connected to cabinet 1 by phone number, and an apartment within the building connected to cabinet 5 with maximum clean download of 35 so it isn't currently possible to order a service on the line in the main building, or have a new line installed with any guarantee of being able to order FTTC on it either.

In the picture there is an external DP on the front right corner of the building, a chamber on the other side of the road (next to the bollard) and the cabinet in the foreground, so around 70m - I know copper sometimes takes strange routes, but the estimate seems improbably low.
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