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Standard User rcoup
(newbie) Tue 07-Nov-17 13:29:19
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WBC FTTP but only 80/20?

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Hey folks, long time lurker, first time poster.

Recently upgraded from an EO ADSL1 line in KY113HS to FTTP being available to order (like, in the last week or so).

dslchecker now reports:
WBC FTTP; Up to 330; Up to 30; Available


Ideally I want 330Mbps. When I go through the website it has 3/4 available when I stick in my details in the new-customer side, but not if I go through upgrades. I phoned BT, and they say Infinity 3/4 aren't available to me, and only offer Infinity 2.

Is there actually some reason why Openreach would say 330Mbps is available even though it isn't?

Or is this likely to be similar to the website issue mentioned here? Or should I just wait a week or so for databases to sync up?

Rob smile
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