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Standard User bignose2
(newbie) Fri 17-Nov-17 13:56:25
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Expected upload speed? on attenuation of 32.2 & down 60mbps

[link to this post]

TalkTalk business. FTTC. TP link Archer vr600.

upload attenuation 32.2 with snr 6.2.
Down attenuation 15.1

I have really good reliable connection & download speeds & have done for over a year since FTTC installed.
60mb+ (65 at moment but usually 61 or 62 real speed tests)

Upload not bad but at 10mbps this does not seem to match, I would have thought in excess of 16mb+.
Apart from the first few weeks when I assume DLM was settling down I did get 20mb but down was also over 70mb.

7000 errors but this stupid modem does not show how long but I am fairy sure it has not reset for weeks if not months.

I have had TT modem's and I get similar readings.

TT say its fine and within the bounds. I am 500m+ from cabinet so know it is a very good speed, must have good copper.

I know 10 is good but upload to dropbox a lot & any extra would be good.

I can't see it being capped on a lesser tarrif as I would not get the the downloads.

What upload speeds do people normally get with these sort of download speeds & 32.2 attenuation.

Many thanks I/A
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