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Standard User p800aul
(member) Tue 28-Nov-17 10:02:29
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FTTP Install

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After Virgin tried to "take the Street" BT are now offering FTTP (no other Fibre is available from openreach) to our house. Built in 1999 the BT line comes in via a conduit to the front door grey entry point where the copper is joined to the house master socket which was moved by BT into my garage via internal (none visible) wiring.. There is no direct route from the door side conduit to the garage apart from across a large expanse of brick wall with a few internal and external right angle bends. Clearly not Ideal and I caledl BT to ask if I could speak to an engineer prior to the appointment in order to prepare a route, they are "not customer facing" so no go!

So does anyone have any idea of what is allowed regarding the fibre entry, for example I don't think it can bend at 90' so going along a wall then bending through it would not work. I have a cable conduit which it could go through but this would mean a 25m run from the door side grey conduit. Or can it be secured under the lip of a concrete step on it's way to the garage?

The garage is where all of the networking stuff is and in addition even if s/he says "it goes on the other side of the grey entry point mate" there is no power so it will include a wiring nightmare in the hallway.

any comments or help or examples of current install would be most welcome

Regards Paul

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 28-Nov-17 10:36:53
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Re: FTTP Install

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The book with bend radius and duct sizing is at

Fibre can bend through 90 degrees but there is a minimum bend radius.

Exactly what will happen depends on whether yours is a blown fibre FTTP or connectorised fibre deployment, but if they can get a copper phone line indoors usually no problem getting a fibre indoors

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Standard User baby_frogmella
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 28-Nov-17 11:00:49
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Re: FTTP Install

[re: p800aul] [link to this post]
Openreach allow up to a 30m fibre cable run internally so you should be ok. The ONT does not have to go in the same location as the master socket. On the day the OR bod comes to your home clearly point out your preferred routing and he/she should oblige if feasible.

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