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Standard User broadbandFlash
(newbie) Sat 24-Feb-18 10:26:34
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OH Feed Not Evaluated - shoudl I worry about this?

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A peroprty we are buying in the coutrnyside in mid Wales is supposed to have FTTP available. None of its immediate neighbours appear to be able to order it, even though they are connected to the same cabinet. No onw else seems to have it in the immediate area (1-2mb ADSL).

I've gone as far as I can in trying to establish if the BT database is correct. I've even tried to force a survey, by starting an order, but the BT person said that they'd be coming to install the outside box within 2 days (2 stage install), so it looks very likly that little or no survey is required. I had to stop the order as we don't own the house yet.

I guess there's little else I can do(?) There is one sentence on the DSL checker that concerns me "OH Feed not evaulated". Should I this worry me?

Should I be happy that they appear to be leaving virtually no time to survey before they would install the outsiide box, or is that misleading?

This post relates to the property we are buying as decribed in this post:
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 24-Feb-18 11:04:06
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Re: OH Feed Not Evaluated - shoudl I worry about this?

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Without spending time looking at what the checkers say for the area, and what we've seen speed test wise very difficult to say much beyond the BT person possibly is just reading from the script i.e. FTTP has many more variables and one of the biggest is that it is Wales.

If Openreach and BT Wholesale checkers say WBC FTTP is available (and you are not confusing this with Fibre on Demand) then it should be possible, so long as its not a property that is a long way back from the road e.g. 200m drive where excess charges would apply.

In some cases oddities are only noticed once the installer arrives.

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