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Standard User robnicholson
(regular) Wed 14-Mar-18 20:18:33
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Finding out what Openreach are up to?

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How do you find out what Openreach are installing at a location? Another of my friends and neighbours in a rural location have reported that "somebody has been putting up telegraph poles and doing something with a cherry picker" but by the time they mentioned it, said workers were long gone. This is in the same area that I posted about before when I asked whether you could tap into a fibre link wink The one where somebody here said it looked like FTTP was on the cards. Also reports of a "big drum with what looks like green cable on it".

I'm going to pop up one day and take some pictures but can you just ring Openreach and speak to somebody in the know? Also want some kind of indicative timescales if FTTP is on the cards.

I visited the neighbours today who work from a lovely farm house but they are getting <2Mbps down and about 0.2Mbps up which is nigh on useless. I'm crossing fingers for them but if not (or 6-12 month lead time), we're going to look at 4G as that works for sure at a business down the road and they get about 30Mbps. Even my EE phone gets that outside.
Standard User Nitro93
(learned) Thu 15-Mar-18 23:17:24
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Re: Finding out what Openreach are up to?

[re: robnicholson] [link to this post]
You could have a look at, type in the location in question and see if there's any telephone symbols hanging around that area - normally it'll explain some of what's going on.
Let us know what you find!
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