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Standard User IamFibremad
(newbie) Wed 25-Apr-18 14:38:03
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Updates to New FTTC Installation

[link to this post]
Hi guys, Me again with another update about my FTTC cabinet that I posted about in around December last Year. It looks like we finally have a little more progress on our hands.

Both Cabs are installed with Copper cabling and power, However no Fibre just yet. Ive been keeping in contact when i can with the guys installing the internals of the cabs and they seem to think its now onto the final stage.

Just today I have seen several white road markings with an Arrow Pointing from the cabs down to my local exchange it seems with S|S underneath it. Any ideas?

Also checking the DSL Checker inputting my Telephone Number it now shows me connected and served by Cabinet 35 instead of the previous Cabinet 8. However does not show any signs of Fibre availability as of yet.

Sounds promising. let me know your thoughts.

I Like Fibre.. DO you? We can be Fibre friends.
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