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Standard User sambaird
(newbie) Tue 21-Aug-18 11:55:42
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'Gold Address' v 'Silver Address'

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Hi All,

Long time reader, but first time poster.

I've lived in a new build property for roughly 4 years and have had FTTP from day one with BT.

I've recently started shopping around for a new deal on the BT website. To cut a long story short, it appears that despite being a customer for over 4 years, there is something wrong on their system where my telephone number and even address does not show up in their checkers - even on the Openreach website - number not recognised, and my flat not showing with a postcode search (despite my neighbours addresses showing!)

I've spoken to someone at BT today and they say that my address is showing as a so called 'Silver Address' rather than a 'Gold Address' and they have started the process to get this changed - but could not tell me how long this should take.

The guy I spoke to in the connections team didn't even know what the difference was?

Anyone here had any experience with this / and or have any usual timescales?

Thanks in advance!
Standard User witchunt
(experienced) Tue 21-Aug-18 12:00:53
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Re: 'Gold Address' v 'Silver Address'

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Copied from an openreach document on dialogue services availed to download.

The Address Matching tool allows you to search for an address and obtain a matched address reference,
known as an Address Key (ALK). This service allows an address or part of an address to be matched against
either an installation address known by Openreach (a Gold match) or the Post Office Address File or the
Address Base Premium or the Pointer files for addresses from UK local authorities(a Silver match). Gold
matches will have an associated Gold ALK reference. Where an Openreach installation address is not found a
Post Office Address File or an Address Base Premium or a Pointer filematch might still be successful.
This service also allows you to create a temporary ‘Silver ALK’ or ‘Bronze ALK’ for use in order placements
against a Post Office Address or an Address Base Premium or a Pointer File address (a Silver match) or an
unknown address/ Greenfield site (a Bronze match).
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