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Standard User kadi
(newbie) Sat 22-Sep-18 10:50:04
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Install new line to get fibre?

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My phone line is Exchange Only and the OpenReach checkers tell me it’s “in the plans to be upgraded to FTTP” but it has been saying that for years.

Super fast West Yorkshire keep telling me that various streets around me now have FTTP available, but not mine yet.

Looking up my exchange on CodeLook shows me that some of the “Exchange X” cabinets have comments like “FTTC doing Field Survey, live due by May 2019”, but not mine yet. (These don’t seem to match up with the SFWY though.)

However the cabinet that serves my road has been fibre enabled recently. If I put my address into the OpenReach planner it gives the cabinet number and tells me fibre is available.

My question is, if I order a second phone line for my house can I make sure this’ll be connected to the fibre cabinet?

Many thanks.
Standard User Icaras
(experienced) Sun 23-Sep-18 19:11:12
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Re: Install new line to get fibre?

[re: kadi] [link to this post]
You can’t if the ducting from the distribution point (pole or underground) doesn’t go to the fibre cabinet, no.

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