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Standard User TheBobsta
(newbie) Wed 16-Jan-19 21:41:39
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New AIO cabinet in THHW - will my line move to it?

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Hi folks,

I'm currently connected to Cab 7 on THHW exchange via a ~1500m line and therefore struggle to sync at higher than 22 Mbps down / 1.5Mbps up (which is painful!).

According to the OR checker Cab 7 isn't full, and I've just noticed a new cab being built within 100m of my house - in a rural location with only around 40 properties around and no new building planned. I'd really like to know if when it goes live in May my (and my neighbours) lines will be moved to the new cab in order for us to get half-decent FTTC speeds.

Here's the roadworks info: (done) (scheduled) (scheduled) (scheduled)

Which leads me to believe it'll be the new P10 cabinet identified here:

It would seem to make sense that we'd be moved to the cabinet in order to tip us over the magic "Superfast" 24Mbps target.... but I daren't get my hopes up! Any guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks.
Standard User Zarjaz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 17-Jan-19 07:17:34
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Re: New AIO cabinet in THHW - will my line move to it?

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The current cab 7 by the golf club feeds everything up that way, right up to the sand pits at the top of the hill. So it looks pretty promising, presuming you are somewhere up that way.

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