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Standard User frankwl
(newbie) Thu 20-Jan-11 23:02:19
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Can someone from Madasafish have a look at this for me please.

On many occasions in the past I was charged for usage I did not use and had to raise tickets for refunds. Then last July I learnt that Madasafish had got this problem sorted, I stopping checking my invoices against my usage. However I still continue to keep an eye on my usage during the last days of each month to ensure that I don't exceed each GB threshold.
Just got my last month's Invoice thought I'll open the Invoice and have a look, and surprise, surprise, I've been overcharged! I promptly log into my account and check the usage for the past few months but only can see my last three months' usage. Comparing these usage records against my Invoices, they obvious do not agree:

I am on Max 5GB.
Jan 2011 invoice - Dec 2010 usage was 6.01GB(my recollection was just under 6GB),
invoice shows 2.147483648GB over monthly allowance, instead of 1.01GB.

Dec 2010 usage was within my monthly allowance.

Nov 2010 invoice - Oct 2010 usage was 5.04GB(my recollection was just under 5GB),
invoice shows 1.073741824GB over monthly allowance, exactly as my October invoice,
down to the 9th decimal point!!!! That can't be right!

Oct 2010 invoice - Sept 2010 usage is not available form my account,
invoice shows 1.073741824GB over monthly allowance.

I can raise another ticket for this but I had raised quite a few tickets with the same issue, it keeps recurring

Is there any means to access my internet usage older than three months? I'm really very unhappy with this over charging. As I do not check every invoice, I could have been overcharged on many occasions.

£14.99 a month for 5GB, Madasafish is now very expensive comparing with other ISPs. I'm willing to pay a premium for good services, but this problem has been with me on and off for the last year or more, so I'm considering leaving despite have been with Freenetname/Madasfish for the past 10 years.

Thanks you.
Frank Lam

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Standard User kasg
(committed) Thu 20-Jan-11 23:57:24
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Re: Billing

[re: frankwl] [link to this post]
Both of these numbers are indicative of a program or data fault. 2147483648 is 2 to the power 31. 1073741824 is 2 to the power 30. In other words, in both cases a 1 followed by a load of zeros in binary.


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