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Standard User roosville
(learned) Thu 17-Mar-11 20:41:15
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Can MAFF support PLEASE help!!! Interleaving stuck ON

[link to this post]
Monday 28th Feb I requested that I have interleaving removed to improve ping speed. Lots of dialogue has occurred, and MAFF had made the right noises, but I have had no action. Tonight I checked AGAIN, and I am still interleaved. In fact it would be fair to say, at points MAFF have been obstructive. Can one of the MAFF team on this forum please tell me why this amount of time and support, frustration, misinformation, whatever is required to get something as simple as interleaving disabled. Why was I given the fictitious information about ping not being related to interleaving, why was I told it was off when it was on, why sent to Plusnet!! Not sure if this is an “on this occasion” or just indicative of a decline in standards.

Can I _please_ have interleaving removed….look, the line is great I sync at 8128 / 448 every single time, no errors, 100m from exchange……
noise margin upstream: 25.0 db
output power downstream: 13.5 dbm
attenuation upstream: 5.0 db
noise margin downstream: 9.0 db
output power upstream: 12.5 dbm
attenuation downstream: 8.5 db

Below is the sad dialogue beginning Monday 28th Feb. I think I have been patient, but patience has run out.

Your comment
11:23am, Monday 28th February 2011
Initial request for interleaving to be turned off.

CSC Analyst
7:57pm, Monday 28th February 2011
Forwarded to Plusnet support for action.
Your comment
8:38pm, Monday 28th February 2011
Responded, MAFF not Plusnet….

CSC Analyst
4:08pm, Tuesday 1st March 2011
Apology, now gone to technical pool.
Please remove interleaving as per customer request.

Your comment
12:23pm, Wednesday 2nd March 2011
Acknowledge comment

Your comment
8:45am, Friday 4th March 2011
Request update

CSC Analyst
3:58pm, Saturday 5th March 2011

Thank you for getting back to us.

I've had the chance to look into this for you, and I can see that you are on the maximum speed possible for your connection, Interleaving is turned on, Your connection is stable. However, we can't guarantee or assist in improving ping times - It's all down to the location of the other end, and the distance the packets have to travel.
For example, If you was to ping a server located in USA, the ping times would be expected to be higher than pinging a server located in UK.
You have to take things into consideration when looking at ping times.

Your comment
4:50pm, Saturday 5th March 2011
Reiterate my understanding and re-request interleaving to be removed.

CSC Analyst
8:11pm, Saturday 5th March 2011
Thank you for getting back to us. I'm forwarding this request to the department who can deal with your query. Interleaving generally can knock around 10ms off your latency timing
Please remove interleaving
Your comment
9:47pm, Saturday 5th March 2011

DSL Logged Faults
11:49am, Tuesday 8th March 2011
Interleaving requested for removal, can take 72 hours.

Your comment
4:22pm, Tuesday 8th March 2011
Acknowledge, and state that I will close ticket one week after interleaving found running and proves stable.

MAFF Customer Support
11:37am, Tuesday 8th March 2011
Request processed. Interleaving usually takes 24 hours to turn off, but can take up to 5 days to take effect.
Your comment
7:26am, Monday 14th March 2011
Can you please check that this request has been auctioned. Interleaving appears to be still turned on.

CSC Analyst
10:15am, Monday 14th March 2011
I can confirm that interleaving has been switched off, this should now have taken effect.
Your comment
10:41am, Monday 14th March 2011
Though this suggests interleaving is still active, the channel data from my ZyXEL router, 10:40am Monday 14th.

P-660HN-T1A> wan adsl chandata
near-end interleaved channel bit rate: 8128 kbps
near-end fast channel bit rate: 0 kbps
far-end interleaved channel bit rate: 448 kbps
far-end fast channel bit rate: 0 kbps
Sorry to nag, but can you re-check that BT has done what they were supposed to.

CSC Analyst
7:01pm, Monday 14th March 2011
Dear Mr Simmons,
Thank you for contacting Madasafish. Please accept our apologies, Interleaving has not been set to off (data with A against interleaving presented)

Your comment
8:19pm, Monday 14th March 2011
Thanks Again, comment I guess A = Interleaving is on.

DSL Logged Faults
2:23pm, Wednesday 16th March 2011
Dear Mr Simmons,
This fault is currently undergoing testing. Further information will be appended to this ticket shortly.

DSL Logged Faults
2:36pm, Wednesday 16th March 2011
Dear Mr Simmons,
Thanks for the update, A means automatic, which is essentially on. This can also be changed to "I" which is interleaved. And "O" which is off.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.
ISP Representative bpullen
(isp) Thu 17-Mar-11 21:14:35
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Re: Can MAFF support PLEASE help!!! Interleaving stuck ON

[re: roosville] [link to this post]
Hi there,

Can you do me a favour and DM me your username?


Bob Pullen
Plusnet Support Team

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Standard User roosville
(learned) Tue 22-Mar-11 10:20:32
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Re: Can MAFF support PLEASE help!!! Interleaving stuck ON

[re: bpullen] [link to this post]
.Bob, Interleaving was removed last night, 21st March. It dropped a solid 18ms off ping to BBC. This morning I got 6.8M download. Last night was a bit of a miss as it slowed to 760kb (kilo) and on router restart I got ADSL, but no internet for a while. I think this is unrelated. Still don't know why it took three weeks & having to come to a public forum to get this action cleared, though I am grateful for your help. I’ll keep an eye on the packet quality and will close the MAAF ticket after a week.

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