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Standard User wilfredo
(newbie) Sun 03-Apr-11 23:50:28
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webmail on iPad

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Does the madasafish webmail ( interface support iPad? I can login OK and view messages, but when I try and reply to a message, I cannot type anything in the body of the message text box


ISP Representative orbrey
(isp) Tue 05-Apr-11 09:02:52
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Re: webmail on iPad

[re: wilfredo] [link to this post]
Hi wilfredo,

Unfortunately not - it does the same thing on the iPhone as well I'm afraid. It should work alright if you configure the iPad's mail client, though I realise that isn't what you wanted.


Matthew Taylor
Plusnet Customer Support
The above post has been made by an ISP REPRESENTATIVE (although not necessarily the ISP being discussed in the post).
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