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Standard User Nick2009
(newbie) Wed 27-Apr-11 16:33:49
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Contention/speed issues

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for the past few weeks/months, i've been experiencing extremely slow speeds during peak times. Speed regularly drops to below 700kbps and simple browsing tasks become a chore. I like to listen to and watch sport feeds but that becomes impossible.

I've raised the point a number of times with Madasafish support but they haven't been too helpful. They suggested my router, microfilters etc were at fault as their service is absolutely brilliant so it couldn't possibly be that. However, at non peak times, speed is perfectly acceptable at between 4000-6500 kbps which goes some way to prove everything at my end is ok.

After the latest back and forth to tech support, they've passed the matter on to their faults team. I'm not sure what good that will do as they are likely to test the line at non peak times when there isn't a problem.

To me, this seems like an obvious contention ratio issue. Is there anything I can do to get MAAF to improve the service? Is it out of their hands? Would switching to another ISP result in the same issues or would/could things be better?

Thanks for any help.

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Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Wed 27-Apr-11 22:23:03
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Re: Contention/speed issues

[re: Nick2009] [link to this post]
Use this checker to see if there are any issues at your exchange.

This is perhaps less likely to be the problem but you could try a disconnect and reconnect with the router to get onto another gateway to see if there is any improvement at peak times.

If you need to reboot the router do it between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm to get a better sync rate.



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Standard User papalamour
(newbie) Tue 24-May-11 21:19:11
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Re: Contention/speed issues

[re: Apprentice] [link to this post]
I am having the same problem. Over the last 12 months previously good bandwidth of around 6Mbs were regularly seen in the evening. Rarely did this drop below 4.5. For the last six months in particular the bandwidth is often less than 1Mbs often dropping below 500K. During the day up until 5Pm all is well and original bandwidth is still there. In the evening, useless.
MAAF keep referring the problem to the speedtester, the BT one didn't work! They ignored me telling them that it didn't work and then closed the ticket. Now I have been able to test it using the MAAF checker. Rates over the last week in the evening have varied between unusable to 500K through to 2.5.
Yesterday was so bad that even this didn't work.
The Router / Filter etc is fine. There is nothing else connected to our connection. The house is wired Cat5e, no WiFi. I am paying a lot of money per month for a service that i cannot use in the evening.
Interestingly our exchange does not appear to have any problems, but the exchange that ours hangs off is rated as amber.
I am not going to waste a precious day of annual leave to wait for an engineer to confirm that the router/filter and line are fine. I want MAAF to confirm what they are doing about capacity / contention.

Has anybody had any success raising these problems i.e. massively inconsistent levels of service for months on end with Trading Standards or other bodies?
Don't really have much choice over provider as we are on a rural exchange (1 mile away) and up until the last 6 months I was always happy to pay MAAF for their service.

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