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Standard User rnewfie
(member) Sun 15-May-11 01:42:37
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Is ADSL2 Better Than ADSL2+

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I have been using ADSL(1) for several years on my 3.9km line and if I force the SNRM down to 3.0, I can get onto a 3000 profile. The line is very stable and sits happily on an SNRM of 3.0 for weeks at a time. In the late evening it drops down to around 0.7, but the DSL2640B router never drops out.

I have just moved to ADSL2+ and my sync speed has increased to 4215, whereas it never went over around 3600 on ADSL(1).

Bearing in mind that I am never going to benefit from the higher frequencies used on ADSL2+, I have read that it is usually possible to get a better sync speed and more of a stable line by forcing ADSL2, as opposed to ADSL2+.

DAK if this is correct? I could just try it, but I am loathe to mess around too much at present as I am still on my training period - Or is this the best time to see if I can get a higher sync speed?
Standard User mixt
(experienced) Sun 15-May-11 07:49:55
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Re: Is ADSL2 Better Than ADSL2+

[re: rnewfie] [link to this post]
Yes, from experience, for longer lines, ADSL2 is better. There should be an option on your modem to force it to sync using ADSL2 only (without the +) - the option might be called ITU G.992.3.

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Standard User Ignitionnet
(knowledge is power) Sun 15-May-11 11:28:46
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Re: Is ADSL2 Better Than ADSL2+

[re: rnewfie] [link to this post]
What mixt said. ADSL2 will concentrate the same amount of power into half the bandwidth.

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Standard User rnewfie
(member) Sun 12-Jun-11 17:32:12
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Re: Is ADSL2 Better Than ADSL2+

[re: Ignitionnet] [link to this post]
I have been looking at this for the past month now and the situation is this (All figures captured after being synced for several days) :-

Average figures on ADSL(1)
Sync: 3552, 448 Attn: 55.0, 29.8 SNRM: 2.9, 20.0
BT Profile: 3000, Download speed achieved was - 2.82 Mbps

Average figures on ADSL2
Sync: 4098, 446 Attn: 51.5, 29.8 SNRM: 2.5, 14.0
BT Profile: 3500, Download speed achieved was - 3.31 Mbps

Average figures on ADSL2+
Sync: 4112, 448 Attn: 56.0, 29.8 SNRM: 2.9, 8.3
BT Profile: 3500, Download speed achieved was - 3.32 Mbps

The downstream attenuation decreased by 3.5 on ADSL2, but increased by 1.0 on ADSL2+
The average downstream SNRM decreased by 0.4 on ADSL2, but was the same on ADSL2+
The average upstream SNRM decreased by 6.0 on ADSL2, but decreased by 11.7 on ADSL2+
Throughput is the same on ADSL2 and ADSL2+. They have both increased due to the higher BT profile.
In all cases, the SNRM was initially forced down to around 3.5 on re-boot using DMT on a DSL2640B router.
SNRM is fairly stable at 2.5 during the day and does go down to around 1.5 overnight.
Router has now been synced on ADSL2 at 4098 for 15 days.
I decided not to use ADSL2+ as I would probably never use the higher frequencies.
On ADSL(1), apart from the fact that I could never achieve a sync of greater than around 3500, it would probably re-boot once per week.
Definitely seems more stable on a line of approx. 4kms.
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