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Standard User robski1
(learned) Tue 27-Sep-11 19:43:28
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Great Customer Service

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I have just come to the end of a fraught two weeks trying to get my broadband re-connected.
I reported a phone fault to BT on the 10th September 2011. Bt said they would fix it by 15th September, Broadband was still OK.
Phone fault fixed on 14th September but lost broadband. Openreach said I must report to ISP.
MAAF/ PlusNet went into action. Soon found that the problem was at my exchange and tried to book engineer via BT Wholesale.
Several attempts made to book visit but all rejected by BTW because of "open" fault on phone line.
After great efforts by the MAAF/Plusnet support team, all was fixed today by OpenReach engineer in 5 minutes!!!
I would like to thank all the team at MAAF/Plusnet for their efforts:- Sharon,Liam,Daniel,Owen,Stephen,Chris,Nick,Paul,Keith,Ross,Andrew,Mathew, Richard and especially Sean, who managed to break through BT Retails wall of incompetence and get the so called fault closed so that engineer could vist.
PS I think I now know every song on your holding loop.
PPS Changing my phone to MAAF/Plusnet.
Standard User rnewfie
(member) Mon 03-Oct-11 10:52:24
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Re: Great Customer Service

[re: robski1] [link to this post]
This is typical of the state of play at present.
Since MAAF support has come back to sunny Yorkshire from some back of beyond (physically as well as technically) failed African state, support is great. The move to Africa was originally forced by BT so that they could make more profits, not for any potential increase in product, service, or customer satisfaction - The only reason they moved it back was that customer service became an international joke.
The problem is with BT. Their systems are creaking at the seams and are technically ancient and consequently, unreliable. Broadband over Victorian exchanges using degraded copper wires! - I think not.

Until BT get their act together, there will be many posts like this. It is a pity that support are doing such a good job, but they are battling against the tide. But at least things have improved, because previously, the product AND support were rubbish.
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