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Standard User smurf46
(regular) Wed 13-Jul-11 15:43:52
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Simultaneous transfer of broadband and home phone: possible?

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Big mistake: I have bundled Orange broadband and home phone (both BT-based). However, if I want to transfer ISP it seems that even if I'm happy to change both phone and broadband to the same provider, I have to set a new phone service up first, incurring a broadband cease charge, then obtain a new broadband provide: am I right? The only exception might be TalkTalk if they don't follow the MAC process as they're fully unbundled for both. Everyone else sets up broadband first, then transfers the phone line.

It seems if I try to transfer both with a MAC, as I've done, then the order gets stuck with BTO as you can't have an Orange phone service without their broadband. Have any former Orange customers found a way through this conundrum? EDIT: Presumably I don't need the MAC to transfer the phone service, but only subsequently once I order the broadband so that the new provider can get rid of the Orange "tag" on the line?

EDIT: My existing fibre order with Plusnet has become bogged down in all this, so I'm proposing to cancel, and would then propose to go with IDnet who I think do a phone only service, and add the broadband subsequently.

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