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Standard User Dickieblack
(newbie) Sun 15-Apr-12 10:37:21
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Orang Brightbox USB hard drive - verry slow!

[link to this post]

Has anyone had issues with the brightbox router when connecting a USB hard drive? Both myself and a friend have just gotten these routers and both wanted to use the network hard drive functions. We have identical new USB hard drives for this purpose, plus a selection of other ones that have now been used for testing/comparison. All produce the same result - write speeds under 1Mbs. The drives work at expected speeds when connected to laptops etc - around 16Mbs. What is going on? Has the brightbox mounted the drive as a USB 1 device?

Also, I have noticed that the drives spin constantly, they do not spin down to save power or go to sleep as they do when connected to a laptop.

Any ideas?

Standard User r1x
(committed) Mon 23-Apr-12 15:49:01
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Re: Orang Brightbox USB hard drive - verry slow!

[re: Dickieblack] [link to this post]
I have noticed some slowness issues with an external hard drive I have plugged into it.

I have seen occasional buffering when streaming HD videos from it over ethernet.

Mine does power down correctly though.
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