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Standard User razorhazor
(member) Sun 08-Jul-12 18:56:58
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Automatic Transfer to BT 21CN ADSL2+?

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My neighbour is with Orange and has been patiently waiting for Orange to upgrade his ADSL connection to ADSL2+ for about a month now after our exchange was upgraded. Apparently Orange don't manually transfer individual connections over to ADSL2+ on request and he needs to wait until the automatic batch upgrade goes through?

Is this everyone's experience? is there an average wait time for this to happen? or even better can Orange not manually push this through for him? PlusNet did for me after all...!

Probably should mention that its a Market 1 exchange so BT ADSL Max to BT WBC Migration.


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Standard User jinger
(regular) Sun 08-Jul-12 23:02:51
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Re: Automatic Transfer to BT 21CN ADSL2+?

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Mine was done automatically. First I knew about it wa an email from Orange telling me.

A friend of mine had to wait 4 months for his to be switched even though he lives 3 streets away from me. I have no idea how they choose who gets switched first. I have been with them since the Freeserve days but my friend had only been with them for a year. When I told my friend I was getting upgraded, he was told by Orange he had to wait until there was more capacity at the exchange and they couldn't tell him when he was getting switched over to 21CN, he had to wait for the email.

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