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Standard User savamac
(member) Tue 07-Aug-12 14:36:08
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Another reason.......

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to leave Orange.

I have a mobile phone for which Orange is my "service" provider. I received an un-solicited message from Orange offering to reduce my costs by putting me on a "best plan". Went on their web site this morning, after a few screens got "there is a technical error", so I used the web site form to email a complaint. I just got back an email saying (I quote) :

"Whoops, due to issues beyond our control we are currently unable to handle your email query. If you need to contact us by calling us on 07973100150 from a landline (landline calls are charged at local rates if you're a BT customer, but if you're with another provider it may cost more so do check). You can also contact us whilst you're abroad on 07973100150, where calls are charged at international rates.

In the meantime, you can always check or manage your account online at account

Our technical teams are working hard to restore the service to you"

I don't know whether to weep or laugh, or both simultaneously !!!

Before anyone out there tries telling me that Orange may be rubbish at mobile phones, but a great ISP......

I was with Orange ISP for years but left them after their upgrade to my service left me for 10 days with no internet access, no telephone, nil, and their off-shore support people were completely useless. Now with ZEN (a professional ISP).

How this company didn't go bust years ago escapes me :>))

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