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Standard User esmecat
(newbie) Mon 15-Jul-13 20:16:58
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Livebox problem again

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I am new to this forum and have joined from desperation.
I have an Orange Livebox and I am totally sick of it. Everyday one of my devices cannot connect to it. The wifi button doesnt work so the only option is to reboot it at least once a day. Does anyone know if this is a known issue, if I'm doing something wrong or if I should just give in and go to a different company.
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 15-Jul-13 20:25:28
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: esmecat] [link to this post]
Or buy your own router?

Or persuade Orange to send you a BrightBox, which is generally a good router, as your current 1 is faulty?

1999: Freeserve 48K Dial-Up => 2005: Wanadoo 1 Meg BB => 2007: Orange 2 Meg BB => 2008: Orange 8 Meg LLU => 2010: Orange 16 Meg LLU => 2011: Orange 20 Meg WBC
Standard User huggons
(newbie) Wed 17-Jul-13 13:46:12
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: esmecat] [link to this post]
I am happy to sell you a brand new (never used) Brightbox very cheep. It would be well worth replacing your Livebox


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Standard User Livebox
(learned) Sun 01-Sep-13 14:06:37
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: esmecat] [link to this post]
I have used a livebox for many years and do not have the problem you appear to have. There are two buttons on the back, "1" is the wifi "add new device" button, 2 has another function that I cant remember at this time. Never had a problem adding a new device as long as you press the button first.

If you are with Orange (now EE) you can probably persuade them to send you a new brightbox router. with EE you can fit any router you want as long as it is compatible.
Standard User eckiedoo
(member) Sun 01-Sep-13 15:43:29
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: esmecat] [link to this post]
Afternoon Esmecat

Like the poster "Livebox", I had one from about 2006 to 2012, without problem.

Incidentally, Switch 2 simply stops the varying level if the blue LED inside the Livebox - no idea why that LED was fitted, with the complications of the switch etc. Did not have any real function that I am aware of.

Regarding your own problems, Switch 1 is normally only for use when adding a (new) WiFi device, raising the possibility that it may not have been properly included in the first place.

How many and what type of WiFi devices have you connecting through the Livebox?

Have you tried working through all of those devices when you encounter such a loss, WITHOUT pressing Switch 1 - ie is it total loss of the Livebox WiFi function; and ONLY that?

(If you have a Laptop/Notebook/Netbook, download the WiFi monitoring software from Metageek, to see whether the Livebox WiFi is functioning when you have a disconnection avoiding Switch 1 - also try first when everything is OK, so that you know what you are looking for when a subsequent disconnect occurs. Very easy to use!)

Does any Ethernet wired-device lose access to the Web simultaneously?


Although at present we don't know the cause, you should also try the Phone Quiet Test, by unplugging everything at the Phone Master Socket, plugging in the simplest (probably oldest) phone you have, in that Master Socket.

Dial 17070.

Choose Option 2 Quiet Test and listen carefully for noises, signals etc - there SHOULD BE NONE.

Note that some lines when connected via ISPs such as SKY, can not acess this test - but at first sight, yous should.


For the following tests, you should Highlight/Edit-Copy/Edit-Paste the results in to a suitable Document such as in WORD or Notepad.

Makes life a lot easier.

With your phone system, computers etc returned to normal and working, try the BRAS Test at-

and note the results, particularly the Line Distance and the Distribution Cabinet Number - these can be very useful.


For comparison, use Street View or Google Earth, to measure the straight-line/crow's path to your Exchange; and also use the Route Finder part to get the likely road distance, for comparison with the BRAS lLne Length.


With a PC/Laptop connected by Ethernet cable to the Livebox, access its Admin function.

Find the page with information such as Line Attenuation etc, both Downstream and Upstream. making a note of them.


Post all of those results back on this Thread.

It may seem lengthy; but most if not all may be required to solve you problem; and doesn't take long.

For example, if it is a faulty line, the Brightbox although a significant improvement compared to the Livebox, would also lose connection - and any other Router/Modem from any other ISP.
Standard User eckiedoo
(member) Mon 02-Sep-13 06:57:25
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: esmecat] [link to this post]
When you do re-boot your Livebox presumably by switching of its power one way or t'other, do you have to press Switch 1 (the WiFi switch) to re-establish WiFi connections to any/all of those devices?

Perhaps someone else with an active Livebox could also check and let us know.

If "Yes", could it be that the Livebox is losing power intermittently?

General Mains supply, poor connections locally such as from a failing socket, mains cable, adaptor and Livebox connections being disturbed, multi-way distribution board.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 02-Sep-13 10:08:42
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Re: Livebox problem again

[re: eckiedoo] [link to this post]
No, there should be no need to use the WiFi switch again.

Once devices have paired with the router once using the WPS system, they should remember this pairing (at the PC end) and present the necessary credentials again.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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