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Standard User casper1234
(newbie) Wed 24-Jul-13 20:18:12
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Lots of upstream drop outs

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Hi, I am having a very high number of errors and drop outs on the upstream side of my line, the downstream side is very stable and can easily support 3dB noise margin whereas the upstream side seems to drop out at about 5dB any ideas? Thanks. Router Stats:

Configured Current
Line Status --- SHOWTIME
Link Type --- Fast Path
Operation Mode Automatic G992.5(ADSL2+)
Data Rate Information
Stream Type Actual Data Rate
Upstream 1163 (Kbps.)
Downstream 7035 (Kbps.)
Defect/Failure Indication
Operation Data Upstream Downstream
Noise Margin 5.6 dB 2.9 dB
Line Attenuation 25.1 dB 44.5 dB
Indicator Name Near End Indicator Far End Indicator
Output Power 12.7 dBm 0.0 dBm
Fast Path FEC Correction 0 0
Interleaved Path FEC Correction NA NA
Fast Path CRC Error 146420 1660
Interleaved Path CRC Error NA NA
Loss of Signal Defect 28 0
Fast Path HEC Error STR 656280 1030
Interleaved Path HEC Error NA NA
Error Seconds 33065 1494
Received Cells 70355966
Transmitted Cells 15714589
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 24-Jul-13 22:42:50
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Re: Lots of upstream drop outs

[re: casper1234] [link to this post]
In what way does it affect you? How do you know it discons on Up side? 'Near End' means the router, i.e. Downstream.

Can you post stats together with 'Time Connected:' from top Status page?

You have a high ES on the Down side too but depends on how long it's been up.

Generally Up NM does not go below 6dB while Down could go down to 3dB.

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