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Standard User NuPe
(newbie) Wed 26-Feb-14 20:32:55
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EE high ping (speedtest included)

[link to this post]
hello there, i'm just trying to figure out why the ping is as high as it is as it's playing havoc with battlefield which shows my usual ping of around 20ms to servers but the character model and hitbox desyncing(?) is as if i was heavily lagging.. it affects browsing too but that may just be because of connection instability

i'm not very good at the tech side but i think the default dns is part to blame or the route is too long (hops?), who knows.. i'm hoping someone here can help

we are using the EE brightbox (1 not 2) with 10mb down and 1mb up (as far as i can tell)

edit: depending on what server i try do a speedtest to, the results are erratic.. certain servers get around 21ms, while others get roughly the same as the link above and some others still go beyond 200ms.. all are about the same distance away

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