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Standard User glossywhite
(committed) Wed 23-Nov-16 00:53:32
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Re: EE's (new?) "Bright Box 1" - a new device, or a new case

[re: glossywhite] [link to this post]
Update: 23/11/16

After over a month of using the "Bright Box 1R", here are my detailed findings:

~ It should be re-branded "sh*te box", just like the other 2 of their cheapo, generic, flaky, buggy routers.

~ Constant uPnP errors and disconnects from my Raspberry Pi 3 DLNA server, which was working flawlessly on my "DGTeam" DG834G V3 - rubbish Bright Box.

Mind you, what can one expect when one is handed a "free" ISP router? ISPs are in the game to maximise profits and supply you with internet, they are NOT proud manufacturers of highly optimised & tweaked performance routers, so is it any surprise that the built-down-to-a-price creaky boxes of junk don't perform as one would expect? If they can afford to give them away (and often replace them 4-5 times, or MORE) then they clearly aren't made OR tested that well.

Most of that is rhetoric, you all know that ISP routers are rubbish, but I just thought I'd make it known that yet another (not so)-"Bright Box" is out in the wild, and riddled with problems.

I am not a router expert, but I know when something that WAS right, suddenly isn't.

Cheerio, thanks for reading smile
Standard User ScrappyBear
(newbie) Wed 28-Mar-18 08:29:28
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Re: EE's (new?) "Bright Box 1" - a new device, or a new case

[re: glossywhite] [link to this post]
This is slightly modified hardware from BB 1 with upgraded software. Has any found a way to access?

Copyright (C) 2015 Arcadyan Technology.

JEDEC ID: 0xc22018, size: 16384KB
block: 64KB(254), sector: 4KB(32)

NVRAM(0) MAGIC checking passed!
NVRAM(0) CRC checking passed!
total 4 of NVRAM(0) entries loaded

NVRAM(1) MAGIC checking passed!
NVRAM(1) CRC checking passed!
total 8 of NVRAM(1) entries loaded

BOOTLOADER version 0.0.5 for BrightBox1R
Build Date: Mon Mar 2 17:22:31 2015 (hammer_tsai@BuildBed)

Chip ID: BCM6318B0, MIPS: 333MHz, DDR: 400MHz, Bus: 200MHz
Total Memory: 67108864 bytes (64MB)
HW Version: b0
Board IP address
Board IP netmask
Gateway IP address
Server IP address
Boot image (1 or 2) unknown
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