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Standard User djhomeless
(regular) Thu 17-Nov-16 13:36:26
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Anyone have EE's 4G Home Internet service?

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Talking about their 4G home router.

I currently live in an area where I only get ADSL2, and [censored] service at that. My EE phone however can hit over 150mbps via speedtest, so I'm thinking about getting EE's 100GB service for about £67 a month.

Is the device any good? Anyone have any experience ditching wired connections for wireless?


Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 22-Nov-16 16:21:59
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Re: Anyone have EE's 4G Home Internet service?

[re: djhomeless] [link to this post]
Tried this using a tablet Wi-Fi hot spot on EE 4G 100GB sim deals last year, and gaming was ok, if you are a perfectionist on gaming pings though the variable nature will not please you, but for most no issues, beyond watching the usage allowance when buying digital downloads etc. Video streaming felt just the same as the 20 Mbps VDSL2 I have.

The key is ensuring router is located in the best spot of the home for the 4G coverage. If it has an Ethernet LAN port adding a wireless access point to improve Wi-Fi coverage is easy enough.

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