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Standard User sheephouse
(newbie) Sat 26-Nov-16 18:19:49
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Registering with EE produces spam from Panama

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Today I registered interest in Fibre Broadband on the EE web site. I run my own e-mail server so I always use a unique e-mail address for any site I register on, and I used an e-mail id that has never been used before to register on the EE site.

Within a minute of registering I received two empty e-mails. One was addressed to the address I'd used on the EE website, and the other was an obviously randomly generated username. I received both as I run the domain, otherwise I would only have seen the one. These came from, which is a domain registered in Panama.

As I was suspicious of this, I later tried registering again against a different phone-line that I also have, and another new e-mail address. As an additional check I did this from a different computer. Again I received two empty e-mails, one to the address I registered with, one to a randomly generated user. However, this time they came from, which is also registered in Panama.

What's going on? What is the connection with EE and Panama?
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