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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Thu 03-Feb-11 11:54:16
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Killzone 3 open Multiplayer beta now Live

[link to this post]
The Killzone 3 multiplayer Beta open to all PSN users is now live on the Playstation store for you to test out for the next 12 days.........

Download is a little over 800 mb and having played this some 8 weeks ago as a Playstation Plus Subscriber [yeah silly me] its a super FPS with amazing graphics.

Check it out if you like FPS and enjoy everything that is KILLZONE.

I know there are people that like FPS and are not to keen on this game,but hey its free so give it a chance............Lot of the issues associated with Killzone 2 like laggy feel to the movement and controls have been redefined and its a lot better.

Its not as fast as the COD games but this game is looking special.

Its classed as a Beta But this game has already gone gold and is released on the 25th Feb so there is little in the way of feedback that can be used to improve the game apart from a patch when the game ships....Not that i think it needs improving anyway..

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