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Standard User Jaxx281
(member) Fri 04-Mar-11 09:21:15
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Virgin Gaming...

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Has anyone signed up to this yet? It's for PSN and Xbox Live, I signed up last night and played a few matches. For those who don't know it's a website where you join up, deposit money and you can play against other players online for cash or enter in Tournaments. Last night for instance I played 4 people online for games ranging from $2 - $5 on Fifa 11.

They run tournaments throughout the day where you can join for $10 to win $40 and weekly tournaments where you can win $1k or $25k!!

So far only a few games on there but more planned but I'm only interested in Fifa, Halo and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. There is a $25k tournament for AC starting in a couple of weeks, looking forward to it! smile

Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Fri 04-Mar-11 13:02:20
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Re: Virgin Gaming...

[re: Jaxx281] [link to this post]
The thought of playing for money against other gamers don't really appeal and i can see a lot of people though getting addicted to this and losing a awful lot of money in the long run..................There are far to many advertisements on Television at the moment promoting gambling which is a major addiction and problem in this country and many others.

I used to bet on the horses many years ago and like going to the Casino on the odd occasion but i tend to think i have it under control when i do but many others look for a way out and this can cause great problems and relationship breakdowns.

On a personal level i don't think Gambling in Games is a good thing,that is just my own opinion and i have nothing against other people wishing to invest there cash on this sort of thing if that's what rocks there boat.

At the end of the day its personal choice but its something that does not interest me and if it did i would try and make sure that the game in question i was playing i would be extremely good at it before i started parting with online cash bets.
Standard User FireFalcon
(experienced) Fri 04-Mar-11 18:06:28
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Re: Virgin Gaming...

[re: time2die] [link to this post]
It'll be a load of turd that attracts the worst of the console gaming community out, IMO console "leagues" have always and will always be fail, you see people running around with MGL in their name and they do nothing but cry and camp up the map so theyre a load of cretins.

TBH i dont think it'll last long at all

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