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Standard User Gzero
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 26-Jun-11 11:16:17
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Lulzsec sail off, become Antisec

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So they are changing their name probably to go be a bit more quieter to the public and make new enemies.

So they dumped more info...

And there is the Battlefield Heroes logins... only MD5 hashed.

So I shant be signing up for anymore EA [censored]. smile
Standard User ilh
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 27-Jun-11 11:34:49
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Re: Lulzsec sail off, become Antisec

[re: Gzero] [link to this post]
I got an email from EA a few days before saying that they had had their decade old neverwinter nights forum (or something) hacked. Don't know why I got the email having never played it. There must be hundreds upon hundreds of these databases sat around with non-updated security for them:/

I only looked through the battlefield heroes logins to make sure I wasn't on the list smile


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