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Standard User Jaxx281
(committed) Mon 19-Dec-11 11:47:23
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Revelations & Non Sandbox games

[link to this post]
Has anyone played this yet? My gf has got it me for Christmas so I have put a couple of days aside next week to blast through it. I don't really mind if it's the same thing as last time with a few extras, I really like the gameplay and I think the story is fantastic so if all that gets wrapped up I will be pretty happy. My housemate got it and he swapped it after playing for a few hours as he just said it felt like more of the same thing and he is fedup of sandbox games.

The market does seem pretty flooded with sandbox games at the moment, last year we had the likes of Alan Wake, Dantes Inferno etc. I would like a game like God Of War to play on the Xbox. Anyone got any recommendations for some none sandbox type games like the above for me? smile



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