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Standard User ilh
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 03-Feb-12 10:19:52
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Possible BF3 DLC...

[link to this post]

Lets hope that it is true smile

Saw something on twitter a few days back saying that a patch for BF3 is not too far off as well. They are just checking that they like the changes it makes.


The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up.
Standard User SPOOKish
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 03-Feb-12 18:13:53
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Re: Possible BF3 DLC...

[re: ilh] [link to this post]
'All American' map pack? Let's hope it's better than the one they did for BF2 (Armored Fury).

I guess this won't be 'free' will it? Not unless they're gonna sell you guns and ammo too. wink

It's nice to get out of the desert once in a while, just as it was to get out of 1940s wartime Europe. But I quite liked the Parisian maps for the setting. I think modern day Europe is the way to go myself, it's more de rigueur, non?

I would love to have one based in Westminster, London just outside Parliament and you could have rioters vs military or something with the Eiffel Tower in it called 'Take the Tower' or something. Now that would be good! grin

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Standard User Lt_Swan
(knowledge is power) Fri 03-Feb-12 19:33:43
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Re: Possible BF3 DLC...

[re: SPOOKish] [link to this post]
Jolly good news smile
Looking forward to the patch as well

Swanny MX

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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Sat 04-Feb-12 07:05:51
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Re: Possible BF3 DLC...

[re: Lt_Swan] [link to this post]
Im looking forward to the game also...........When is it coming out wink
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