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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Wed 14-Mar-12 13:03:35
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Roll on April and May Im bored ?

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Apart from Ninja gaiden 3 a week Friday its April /May when the possibility of some decent stuff hits the market,looking forward to Prototype 2 and the new Ghost Recon looks rather special along with Max Payne 3.

Ive come to the conclusion that simple games such as Prototype which are basically play and enjoy from the off and blow a lot of stuff up are more to my liking,games such as Mass Effect 3 which by all accounts has a extremely high production value and looks lovely i just don't seem to have the patience with.

I would much prefer to just play a game like Bulletstorm and have some fun for 6 hours than the depth and Richness that is Mass Effect and those type of games.

I still go out and buy them because they get such outstanding reviews and they look stunning,sadly if this is not your type of game which i know that it isn't then its time to consider sticking with games i know i am going to enjoy and to be honest 99% of those games are shooters and destroying things .

Dont get me wrong i love uncharted type games also and quite a few other types,but i have to say the majority require a lot of shooting wink
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