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Standard User MrTAToad2
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 01-Aug-12 20:58:19
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Sniper Elite V2

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Just completed this a few moments ago, and so far it takes the record for longest game to complete so far - received it around the 27/28th July and finished it today 1st August, and so taking around 4 days.

Overall, it was okay. Controls are weird - you can't turn whilst running and it's easy to get stuck on non-traversable items.

Graphics are okay, but the bullet time system is good fine, although could be a problem if you are squeamish, with bits of brain matter (or other internal and external body parts) going all over the place at times...

The multi-player modes are unfortunately poor - being a "sniper" game no-one actually moves and thus it's all done to luck. The maps are large too and thus require a large number of players - of which there aren't many.

Overall, I give it 6 thumbs up...

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