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Standard User leonagrey
(newbie) Sat 04-Aug-12 20:53:51
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Is this broadband package OK for online gaming?

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Sorry, if this questions sounds a bit simple. But I am a bit confused.

I would like to use my internet connection for playing games on the pc/ ps3. Is this package good enough?

Virgin Broadband L

Standard usage: Cable
Up to 30Mbps download speed
Unlimited monthly usage (fair usage policy applies)
Free Virgin Media Hub
5GB of online storage
10 free photo prints/month
Automatic file backup
No phone line required
Up to 30Mbps fibre optic broadband - fast, reliable broadband that's perfect for smaller households.

I regularly get 3796 kbps download & 1027kbps upload speed.

Is this good enough for the PS3/ PC gaming? I also use my internet connection for general surfing (quite a lot a month).
Standard User darkhorizon472
(experienced) Sat 04-Aug-12 22:28:38
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Re: Is this broadband package OK for online gaming?

[re: leonagrey] [link to this post]
For on line gaming you need a low stable ping. 20ms or less is very good for UK servers. Over 50 ms to UK servers is not good.

I am on Zen fttc and get low stable pings any time of the day.
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