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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Wed 03-Oct-12 00:13:54
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Is this a New Gaming forum Record or What ?

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What a surprise when i login to the thinkbroadband Gaming forums early this morning to see 21 new posts,Thats correct 21 so I'm saying this has to be a new record as you can go days and not see a single post.

Anyway they are not all really game related but its nice to see wink
Standard User SPOOKish
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 03-Oct-12 01:06:36
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Re: Is this a New Gaming forum Record or What ?

[re: time2die] [link to this post]
Yeah, strangely most of them are utterly inane and I'm not pointing any fingers. But...!

Anyway, happy Xmas! 21 posts for you today. Who's a lucky boy? tongue

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