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Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 22-Nov-13 16:04:16
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Xbox One Problems?

[link to this post]
And I'm not gloating either blush

Shame when you get this on your new 90 minute old gearů.Watch the second screen video,yeah its electrical goods and we expect issues but there are to many been posted on the internet at a very quick alarming rate.

Just hope I'm not this misfortunate next week thats for sure ?

Edited by time2die (Fri 22-Nov-13 16:05:43)

Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Fri 22-Nov-13 16:49:35
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Re: Xbox One Problems?

[re: time2die] [link to this post]
reviewtechusa posted a vid of his controller not syncing but he fixed it with a reset.

thats all i heard so far of my sources. But yeah a quick google does show issues with xbox1's.

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