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Standard User woweebert
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 01-Feb-14 12:21:41
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Xbox One Rumours

[link to this post]
got to say im a bit salty about this rumour , if true , early adopter have just been kicked in the proverbial by Microsoft with in a six month window of realise .
Give it a year and i will take that but bringing out a new console with double the hard drive space with out the optical drive , that i have only used for my initial purchase games as every thing else has been digital download , HURTS!

Should add the Xbox one with out optical drive is rumoured to be realised in may this year at the same price point as the PS4 , so PS4 IMHO is still the best buy and by a large margin even thou i have come to like my kinect and use it all the time this is not for every one .

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