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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 25-Jun-14 15:24:17
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New HDD :-)

[link to this post]
Needed it since World of Tanks was at 21GB - so added a wee 2TB drive and moving stuff around. Space for another 2TB disk or larger if I feel like it plus more drives, but looks like gets complicated at that point.

Joy of a large case.

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Standard User woweebert
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 03-Jul-14 05:52:33
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Re: New HDD :-)

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
I'm just about managing with a 2TB drive and also have space for one more in the future .
Been advised drives bigger than 2TB can be unreliable but as never owned anything bigger than 2TB can not confirm .

Still playing World of Tanks on the 360 as i strangly prefer it , could have something to do with my fully upgraded tier 8 Jagdpanther and Tiger2 .
Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Thu 03-Jul-14 08:59:18
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Re: New HDD :-)

[re: woweebert] [link to this post]
the same rumour tends to surface whenever new drives go up a size.

my advice is wait for the revised models, as usually revised models come out after a while which will likely have fixed any problems that may have existed in earlier versions.

currently I do have 2 3tb wd red drives.
they have a 700gig partition on each which is software mirrored in windows, that has valuable important data on it hence the mirroring.
but I didnt want to mirror the entire drive's as is a lot of space to lose, so the other 2tb or so space is seperate partitions used for downloaded media, encoded video clips I make etc. Whilst it will be annoying if I lose any of that data, it isnt as critical as what I have mirrored.

the wd red models are rated higher for average meantime between failures than blue/green/black drives as well.

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ISP Representative DanB
(isp) Thu 03-Jul-14 11:47:38
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Re: New HDD :-)

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
My Steam install is up to around 1.5TB now (I'm not yet on fibre, will consider uninstalling games I'm not playing when I do have the ability to re-download them quickly), and my Windows 7 build is on a single 2TB drive - am going to be doing a CPU/RAM/Motherboard upgrade, soon, so will consider popping in an SSD and a bigger SATA drive to keep Steam on.

Depending on what the current 2TB drive in my Windows box is, I might consider wiping it and popping it in my NAS' final slot (as long as it's not a Seagate - I can't remember) to add to the RAID-5 array in that.


Dan B
ZeN Office
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