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Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 27-May-15 00:13:02
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What a Game Drought and Underwhelming experience.

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So first of thank god for Bloodborne the saviour of this current generation,either I'm going of gaming or games simply don't cut the mustard and to find a decent one to my taste that is has become very difficult.

Failure after failure is what we seem to be getting since the release of both the playstation 4 and xbox one which with the later has absolutely nothing worth shouting about.

So lets talk about this years purchases

Drive Club.
Project Cars
The Order 1886
The Witcher
Battlefield Hardline.

Thats 5 to mention that failed to inspire and impress only Bloodborne,Sniper Elite and Zombie army trilogy have had me entertained with Bloodborne been the absolute gem Hands down.

I'm seriously going of gaming and try as i might to fire up either the Playstation 4 and the dust gathering Xbox One i just can not be bothered to spend little more than just a few minutes on either.

I have gone back to playing older games like Tomb Raider which is brilliant and occasionally Far Cry 3 which is also outstanding,but even these games don't hold my attention for long and i revert back to Bloodborne everytime.

To say I'm disappointed at this current crop or lack of decent games is a understatement to say the least,looking at whats on the agenda it looks like a severe summer gaming drought and its winter before anything half decent is released like Rainbow Six and a few others.

Can not say I'm interested in the new Batman game next month.and you know its bad when you look at websites at games coming this year and release date information on basically every single one stating…….To Be Confirmed.

Its basically like Sony and Microsoft have literally thrown in the towel,if its not a reboot of some older game then its the same old tired Cod Tripe and Halo Junk.

Anybody seem the trailers advertising Halo the past few months,game ships friggin October for petes sake.

And i swear to god I'm not buying Cod this year and if i do I'm closing my account on here with embarrassment .

Ive actually been playing Resogun more than any other game past few weeks and i look forward to House Marquee next one later this year.

Bloodborne totally blew me away and every other since pales in comparison,The Witcher in my eyes is just total boring and tedious with cut scene after cut scene,chat after chat and combat that fails to impress,immerse or leave you inspired .

So any future Driving game or 100 plus Rpg can kiss my [censored] tongue

To be honest i literally wish there was a Steam Machine to buy in the next few weeks I'm that bored with all the Gaming scene has to offer.

Guess we will see or hope to see something decent in the next few weeks from E3.

Edited by time2die (Wed 27-May-15 00:17:07)

Standard User Lt_Swan
(knowledge is power) Wed 27-May-15 08:58:09
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Re: What a Game Drought and Underwhelming experience.

[re: time2die] [link to this post]
I wish I liked The Witcher more than I do.
I've given it a good go but it just doesn't hold me and it's not player friendly. The AC games are definitely better

The Witcher and the current gen consoles just go to show that graphics don't make a game good
Battlefield hardline doesn't even have good graphics for a current gen game. It's a shockingly bad game game. I only play it because my mate has it.

Life..... It's just a game

Edited by Lt_Swan (Wed 27-May-15 08:59:46)

Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 27-May-15 13:17:51
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Re: What a Game Drought and Underwhelming experience.

[re: Lt_Swan] [link to this post]
Yeah Swan another Timey Mistake,played the beta didn't like the battlefield Hardline beta and still like a total dipstick went and bought the game.

Witches getting traded as soon as something catches my interest at the end of the year,problem is waiting that long the trading value diminishes really quick and it will more than likely be worth about ten quid.

I think generally because if my passion and love for gaming the general summer drought catches me out and i tend to buy things i should personally leave well alone .

Just don't seem to learn from buying games that in theory i don't like.wink

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