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Standard User time2die
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 11-Aug-15 15:59:24
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Toy Story War Chest Downloading Xbox One

[link to this post]
Its not on the Psn store but on the Xbox live site,I've decided to go for the ultimate pack which may turn out to be a little stupid [thats me] as it comes with all stupid characters like the Assassins Creed pack that are suppose to give you more power and upgrades to your weapons.

Its a tad expensive at £24.99 and the actual game is £11.99 on the Xbox site and the ultimate pack is not required to get the best out of this game it just adds a little fun to the mix.

Another thing that surprised me is the game is just under 10Gig in size,i would have opted for the playstation 4 version but Sony been Sony and having stupid store update times and restrictions they can kiss my [censored].tongue

Would have been nice to see my scores agains the likes of nelly and Swanny if they buy it.

Everybody gone to rapture is available to download from the PSN store though,but I'm leaving this game as i don't think its going to be the game i thought it was and the movement is very disappointing according to most reviews and feels sluggish and slow for a game thats all about Moving around a particular area solving puzzles and cryptic clues.
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