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Standard User bobble_bob
(knowledge is power) Tue 08-Dec-15 22:13:54
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Sky Go on xbox one

[link to this post]
So the app is finally out and just read this

One of the most frustrating things with this new TV from Sky app, aside from unconscionably dull name, is that it requires the upgraded Sky Go Extra service (or Sky Multiscreen) to let you access it on the console.

Sky Go on the Xbox 360 was outstanding - often a far more robust and easier-on-the-eye setup than using the browser-based version - and it was accessible as one of your two Sky Go devices.

TV from Sky though requires you to spend an additional £5 per month to add it as one of your four devices on Sky Go Extra. So even if you’re already spending a fortune on the full Murdoch package, you now need to shell out another fiver to watch it on your Xbox One.

Now i dont have Sky Go Extra/multiroom but my sky account is linked to my PS3 and i can stream fine. So if you need "extra" to stream to console, why can i stream to my PS3 without it?

Dont want to de-register my PS3 incase it forces me to upgrade

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